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International Workers’ Day

May 1, 2024

International workers’ day is often called Labour Day and in the UK we mark it with the upcoming public holiday weekend on the first Monday in May. The date was set in 1886 in America following many years of protest at long working hours, strikes and deaths of workers protesting for better pay and conditions.

The world has clearly changed since then, for some more than others. We ask, what does your work mean to you? What motivates you to work? And, how often do you mark and celebrate your own work achievements?

In the UK, employers continue to face challenges of increased costs of living, the impact of AI technology, ESG, global climate issues as well as navigating a diverse workforce whilst managing flexible and hybrid working  post pandemic. There is certainly still plenty of challenge for employers, HR professionals and staff alike.

For today though, whether you’re a CEO, HR professional or one of the wider team, we simply wanted to wish you a happy International Workers’ Day.