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Step Up To Success – Our 9 Step Executive Coaching Programme

August 25, 2022

Would you like to maximise performance? Are you or your staff being reorganised or promoted? Do you or your staff have new and important challenges ahead?

Executives stepping into new roles can feel daunted as well as excited. They may have feelings of uncertainty about what is expected of them. Or, they may know what is expected but not be totally clear on how to meet expectations? How will they lead a team? It can be one thing applying for a promotion and another thing to succeed once appointed.

As an employer, you will want your new executive to succeed. You will want your restructure to succeed and for the executive in their new role to make that role a success for your business and for them. After all, that’s why you have appointed them.

Our “Step Up To Success” 9 Step Executive Coaching is the ideal way to support both new executives into your organisation. It is also excellent for supporting existing executives who may be taking on new challenges and responsibilities.

“Step Up To Success” 9 Step Executive Coaching works with you, the employer and with your executive to set clear business objectives. This 9 step executive coaching programme supports executives to make essential professional and personal changes, reducing stress and uncertainty and supporting transformative change. It is completely tailored to your organisation as well as the executive. A mid-point review ensures focus throughout.

Contact us now for further information about how you, your executives and your business can benefit from “Step Up To Success” 9 Step Executive Coaching.