Solving Employment Disputes

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Joan Pettingill is a CEDR trained workplace and employment mediator. She is also an employment law partner at international law firm gunnercooke LLP and has over 20 years experience providing complete employment law support for employers and senior executives.

We help employers and their teams solve all types of workplace and employment conflicts including:

-Colleague v colleague conflict

-Colleague v management conflict

-Conflict within teams

-We provide a swift confidential service typically including:

Proactive constructive advice to managers and leadership on how to manage acute unfolding disputes

-Review of conflicts and provide advice how to reduce future conflicts

-Management training and coaching

-Correct supporting documents and policies

Dispute management tailored for your workplace

Our dispute resolution process is tailored to your workplace, the type of staff you have and the specific conflict that needs resolving.

Sometimes a dispute can be resolved by an informal management conversation.

Mediation is carried out confidentially with the parties staying in control of the situation and what is agreed.

Mediation can be carried out at almost any time, early in the conflict or after formal proceedings have started.

Our mediation case studies on our News pages provide more examples of how we resolve disputes in the workplace.

Mediations can result in a whole range of agreements. Staff often gain a better understanding of  why the conflict happened. They may reach a workplace agreement with colleagues, move forward with  more effective teamwork, undergo training or exit under a settlement agreement drawn up by the mediator or their representatives.

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