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Practical HR support

We provide experienced outsourced human resources professionals to help roll out projects or provide support with difficult conversations.  For example, you may wish for additional support if you are rolling out a project and your existing HR or other manager  is already busy or if you do not have in house HR support. Sometimes an extra pair of professional hands is invaluable and key to the success of a project.

Independent investigations

We also assist by acting as independent investigators. For example, if an investigation is required into a high profile delicate situation, it may not be appropriate for this to be carried out internally. In such circumstances we support be professionally investigating and providing an appropriate independent report.

Investigations into whistleblowing might be such a situation where an independent investigation beneficial.

Facilitated conversations and workplace mediations

We are CEDR trained workplace and employment dispute mediators.

Where busy leaders and managers simply don’t have time to address grievances and staff concerns, we provide support with mediation or facilitated conversations. We often support large employers and public sector organisations.

Managers often have difficult staff conversations to handle.

Integrated approach

Having an integrated approach to HR, employment law, and management training and coaching, we can use just the right type of intervention and balanced approach for any given situation.

HR coaching

As an HR manager you don’t have to “go it alone”. We provide a sounding board and inciteful advice on the latest HR trends to help you keep on track and update your strategy.

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What Our Clients Say

I felt very confident in the expertise provided.

Finance Director | Catering

Thank you – you’ve been superb!

Director | Fast growth fashion retailer

HR support services

We are experienced in providing inciteful, strategic and operational people management support to start ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs and international employers with a local base, at all stages of development. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service. Your success is our priority. We work closely with you to deliver HR results that help you take your people and your organisation forwards with confidence.

As an HR manager there’s no need to go it alone. We provide HR support services including coaching for HR professionals and can help you keep on top of the latest trends to develop your people strategy.

We are skilled CEDR trained workplace and employment dispute mediators and can mediate to help prevent disputes from escalating, becoming formal or to keep you out of the employment tribunal.

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