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Conflict at work? How mediation can help

October 26, 2023

Its almost impossible to avoid conflict at work. Informal complaints and niggles left unresolved can quickly evolve into informal disputes, unhealthy undercurrents and time consuming clashes and formal grievances.

Unresolved conflict can in turn lead to breakdowns in trust, unhappy inefficient staff and an increased risk of employees bringing expensive employment law compensation claims.

Workplace and employment disputes can often be resolved more quickly and cost effectively by mediation. As independent external neutral mediators, we set a productive tone for confidential discussions, building constructive conversation with individuals or teams who may be in conflict and who may feel unable to communicate with one another effectively. Additionally, as specialist qualified employment law solicitors aware of pitfalls, we are able to mediate and handle the most complex workplace and employment conflicts, issues and disputes. Surfacing conflict correctly can also help build strong teams.

We proactively manage workplace and employment conflict situations to resolution. Using tried and tested mediation process combined with advanced negotiation skills, we address challenging situations calmly, compassionately and professionally. We listen to what is important to those involved and help people and their organisations reach agreement leading to better working relationships and better, more effective and efficient workplaces.

All our workplace and employment mediators are professionally CEDR trained.

If you would like help or simply more information about managing workplace and employment conflict please get in touch.

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